Our Process

Our Process

At Suisse Bancorp we work closely with you and your client to determine a loan amount that is proportionate to your client’s immediate financial needs. We want to ensure that your client only borrows what is necessary to sustain them until their case settles or, if their case has settled, until their payment arrives.

Our loan process is completed in three simple steps:

  • - Prior to disbursing and approving loans, we obtain preliminary information from your client regarding their case and whether the case has settled or is still pending.
  • - Next, we fax a case information sheet to your office to be completed and returned to our office to further help us assess your client’s case.
  • - Once we receive the information sheet back from your office, we will contact you to follow up with any questions. The information is passed along to our underwriters for evaluation and approval.

When your client’s loan is approved, we ask for a document to be signed by the plaintiff and acknowledged by you, which indicates your client’s preference that their Suisse Bancorp loan(s) be paid in full by your firm out of their portion of their settlement funds. When a case does settle, we request that each attorney contact our office for a current payoff amount for their client’s loan(s). Suisse Bancorp is not requesting that you, as the attorney, guarantee the loan, you are only acknowledging that there is a loan on the claim.

For each loan that Suisse Bancorp provides to your clients, you will receive copies of all signed loan documents. For loans that have been outstanding for one year or more, Suisse Bancorp contacts the attorney of record to confirm whether or not their firm is still representing the plaintiff and to inquire about the status of the case and the estimated settlement amount and date.